Group Fitness Classes

Weekly Group Fitness Schedule


5:15 am  BFit

5:00 pm HITT


10:00 am Yoga

5:30 pm  BFit


5:15 am  BFit

5:30 pm SPIN


4:15 pm Yoga

5:30 pm BFit


9:00 am  BFit

10:00 am Yoga

Monday & Wednesday 5:15am
Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm
Saturday 9:00am

Get the results super-fast! This workout will challenge and increase your stamina, endurance, coordination, speed, and flexibility.

You don’t have to be on a show to lose weight and start your own transformation! This workout is a combination of cardio and body weight strength exercises, personalized to fit your goals and lifestyle. (60 mins)

Monday 5:30pm

High Intensity Interval Training. Tone and tighten your entire body with light weights and lots of cardio! This workout will keep your heart rate elevated as you sculpt, tone, and strengthen your entire body in one workout. This class does simple movements such as squats, lunges, press and curls. This class is for all fitness levels. (50 min)

Wednesday 5:30pm

SpinNCrunch – Sweat with cycle, then jump off to core work, includes abs, obliques and lower back. (50 mins)

Vinyasa Yoga
Tues 10:00am
Thurs  4:15pm
Sat    10:00am

Vinyasa Yoga (Basic) A fitness-based approach to yoga.  This class will teach you the fundamental poses and breathing techniques with a flowing form of yoga.  If you are new to the practice and want a slower paced flow — this is the class for you.  (75 mins on Tuesday & Thursday; 60 mins on Saturday)

Staffed hours:  Mon-Thu 9am-1pm & 4pm-7pm |  Fri 9am-1pm  |  Sat 9am-1pm  

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